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Living With The Golden Sun Moth

The Golden Sun Moth has beautiful yellow hind wings that resemble a “golden sun”. This moth is threatened due to development and fragmentation of its grassland habitat. Unlike most Lepidoptera, the Golden Sun Moth feeds on the roots of grasses. … Continue reading

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Insect Pest Photography

Institutions that provide information on pest insects often use photos to communicate with the public. Go to any Cooperative Extension website and you will find photographs of pests. The public is often clueless when the name of an insect is … Continue reading

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Eastern Tailed Blue

The Eastern Tailed Blue, Cupido comyntas, is a common butterfly in Indiana summers. The Eastern Tailed blue feeds on a variety of legumes including clovers. The larvae often feed on the flowers and seeds of their host plant. Flowers and … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

Many species of butterfly, especially in the family Nymphalidae have markings on the wings that resemble eyes. For humans, eyes, or images resembling eyes attract the attention of our brains. Movements of the face and eyes are important visual cues … Continue reading

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On the Right Road

A number of states are adopting mowing practices along the edges of roads (the right of way) that are designed to allow diverse vegetation as habitat for butterflies and other animals. These practices have been supported by lobbying from conservation … Continue reading

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The Nettle Tree Butterfly is a snout butterfly that ranges across Europe, Africa and Asia. Obtaining an accurate count of butterflies with humans standing on the ground is problematic. Could a drone (UAV) provide better counts? A group of scientists … Continue reading

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Art and Entomophagy

Entomophagy (eating insects) expands our choices of cuisine and is envisioned as a protein source of the future as the human population continues to increase. For much of western culture, entomophagy has a “yuk” factor that is a current barrier. … Continue reading

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