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Insects Winning Academy Awards?

With Oscars done and over with (well until next year) got me thinking about movies involving insects. The first insect movie that came to my mind was A Bug’s Life released in 1998. A Bug’s Life was produced by Pixar … Continue reading

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Insects in Fashion….Wait What?

February 9th through February 16th is one of the biggest weeks in the city of New York for those who love fashion. It is the Mercedes Benz sponsored fashion week. Fashion designers, new and old, display their latest collections through … Continue reading

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Rain or Shine, They Will Be Around

Note: This Spring, Living With Insects will feature guest contributors. ┬áContributors are identified with a by line and you can follow links to all posts by a contributor. Below is the first of the guest posts. by sarahakbarifard The weather … Continue reading

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