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Return of the Cicadas

Even if someone has not seen a cicada up close and personal, its call is familiar to most Indiana residents during the summer months.  In large numbers, the colloquially named “dog-day” cicadas can reach a loud volume, However, dog day … Continue reading

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Overwhelming Appetite

Among the many members of the Order Hymenoptera, the large stinging wasps are the best known.   One fascinating wasp is the tarantula hawk, The State Insect of New Mexico.  “Tarantula hawk” most commonly refers to the Pepsis formasa and Pepsis thisbe, species of … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identification

Upon arriving at college several years ago I remember having a myriad of concerns, the fear that I would have a crazy roommate not being the least significant among them.  Luckily, these worries were soon relieved as I was paired … Continue reading

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Firefly Lights

by whitames For many people, especially those with little to no interest in entomology, insects are creatures to be feared and loathed.  However, even among those who normally fear ‘creepy crawlers’, certain insects spark imagination and capture interest.  One shining example … Continue reading

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