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Regulating Insect Collection

Insect collecting has been a popular hobby and a staple of K12 biology programs. Collecting and curation equipment such as nets and insect pins are relatively inexpensive and many collecting devices are home made. Insect collecting connects students with nature, … Continue reading

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Insects: Their Ways and Means of Living

R. E. Snodgrass published his reference book,┬áThe Principles of Insect Morphology in 1935. Reference books are a means to catalog information for use by scientists and students. They are not meant to be read cover to cover and do not … Continue reading

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Living With False Beliefs

The Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain contain a diversity of ecosystems including forests. The Spanish government has a Forestry Management Service that is responsible for the care and maintenance of forested areas. The forests are known for the … Continue reading

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Bugging The Clinton Center

Xtreme BUGS is an exhibit of 20 giant animatronic bugs that are staged in larger than life habitats including “a dewy rainforest floor, the expanse of sub-Saharan Africa, a gentle meadow, and a boggy burrow”.┬áThe exhibit allows viewers to experience … Continue reading

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Urban Bee Keeper Revival

Bees are incredibly interesting social animals. A renewed interest in bees and beekeeping has led to the formation of bee keeping collectives that maintain apiaries in urban areas. One of the first was BurghBees in Pittsburg, PA. The collective has … Continue reading

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Living With Nature Drawings

The printing press made images widely available to the public in the 17th century. Drawings of animals were popular, especially those that accurately captured details of insect life history. Drawings such as the one at left convey information about lifecycle, … Continue reading

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Living With Ants

Pets are a hobby enjoyed by many people that occasionally turns into a business. Martin Sebesta enjoys ants and has made a business of selling ants from his AntStore in Berlin, Germany. His shop, in business for over a decade, … Continue reading

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