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Insects As Feed In the EU

The European Union revised its regulations to allow insects as feed for aquaculture.  Insect protein producers are celebrating the new market but continue to push for further acceptance.  The next target is regulations on feed for poultry and pigs.  Wild … Continue reading

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Regulating Insect Contamination II

Not all insect contamination of food is the same. Although most insects are not harmful, some can cause illness or medical harm. For example, some dermestid beetle larvae have barbed hairs that serve as protection against predation. The hairs can … Continue reading

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Regulating Insect Contamination

The US Food and Drug Administration regulates contaminants in food including insects and insect parts. As discussed in a previous post some contamination of our food by insects is unavoidable. However, the amount of contamination can be limited by good … Continue reading

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Unintentional Insect Consumption

80% of the world population eats  insects intentionally; 100% eat insects unintentionally. Consuming insects is unavoidable because insects contaminate many food items.   Even under the careful eye of the home gardener, Drosophila flies will lay eggs on ripening tomatoes.  … Continue reading

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Art and Entomophagy

Entomophagy (eating insects) expands our choices of cuisine and is envisioned as a protein source of the future as the human population continues to increase. For much of western culture, entomophagy has a “yuk” factor that is a current barrier. … Continue reading

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Fly and Presidents

As long as presidents give speeches outdoors, there will be flies. In an age where every moment is recorded on camera, there will be videos of presidents and flies. Former US President Obama famously dispatched an annoying fly with quick … Continue reading

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Recycling With Insects

I recently posted about the ability of some beetles to grow and develop on polystyrene. A report from Pune, India adds wax moths to the list of plastic consuming insects. Humans produce much plastic waste that contains useful nutrients and energy … Continue reading

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