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Neighborhood Lice Watch

Head lice are a public health issue and requires participation from the public to be effective. If all groups are engaged in checking and eliminating head lice, then the public will experience reduction in risk of infestation. The most effective … Continue reading

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Living With Bites

The insects most likely to bite humans in Indiana are mosquitoes, flies, fleas and more recently bedbugs. Most blood feeding insects that pierce the skin have salivary secretions that are injected into the bite area. These secretions typically contain anti-coagulants, … Continue reading

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Living and Dying With Bed Bugs

A Pennsylvania caretaker is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a 96 year old patient. The house where the caretaker lived with her patient was overrun with a large untreated infestation of bed bugs. The cause of death … Continue reading

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A Painful Mixture

Bee venom is complex with at least 10 polypeptides present. I posted last time about the pain inducing effects of melittin. What do the other peptides do? Like melittin, apamin, mast-cell degranulating peptide, and a PLA2-related peptide caused inflammatory responses … Continue reading

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Plague Update

Bubonic plague has been present in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century but is confined to arid areas in states west of the Mississippi. After an uptick in plague cases (over a dozen) in California in … Continue reading

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Zika Update January 2017

Zika Virus is becoming old news that drops from public consciousness. However, Zika is still in the US and is still being locally transmitted in Florida despite spraying and efforts at eradication. Florida has the second highest number of reported … Continue reading

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Living With Restricted Use Pesticides

The Amarillo Globe News has reported tragic deaths of 4 children after exposure to phosphine gas. Phosphine is a toxic gas that inhibits cellular respiration; it acts at the same enzyme target site as cyanide. ┬áPesticide formulations for phosphine release … Continue reading

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