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Living With Grain Storage Pests

Grain elevators are used to store grain for future shipment. Large concentrations of grain in protected conditions create an ecosystem for insect colonization. The pests vary with geography, but many pests are distributed globally, having made their way around the … Continue reading

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Living With Temitophiles

Social insects have “guests” that take up residence (uninvited) in the nest. Several species of beetles can be found within termite mounds. Fossils of termitophile beetles are present in Baltic amber indicating that beetle-termite relationships date to at least 19 … Continue reading

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Living With Chitin

Chitin is a polysaccharide that is a major component of arthropod cuticle. Chitin is ubiquitous and the second most abundant polysaccharide on our planet next to cellulose. Molted exoskeletons, dead insects and mites can litter our environment with chitin dust. … Continue reading

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Living With Greenhouse Biological Control

Since the beginning of agriculture, humans have endeavored to protect plants from adverse environmental conditions by growing them indoors. As greenhouse technology improved more sophisticated greenhouses flourished. Victorian England featured elaborate greenhouses built by wealthy individuals for botanical studies. Growing … Continue reading

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Bats, Cave, Cavemen, Bed Bugs

The common bed bug Cimex lectularius has two host races. One race is associated with humans, the other with bats. Bedbugs were parasites of bats long before the evolution of humans. Tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago, human … Continue reading

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The Costs of Zika

The Zika Virus epidemic continues and will impose costs into the future. The World Health Organization has moved Zika off its “Emergency” list and onto its chronic problems list. Hopes of a quick containment have been replaced by a long … Continue reading

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Redi For Insect Biology

Francesco Redi was a poet and a physician, a learned man in 17th century Florence, Italy. He is considered by some to be the author of the “experimental control” and the author of parasitology. He had a particular interest in … Continue reading

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