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Looking for Patrons

Prior to the era of the modern government research grant, art and scientific research were largely funded by subsidies from wealthy patrons. Many of the Great Scientists and Artists of the Renaissance were supported by Patrons. However, Patrons were few … Continue reading

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Politicians and Pond Skaters

Usually, when a pundit compares a politician to an insect, flattery is not intended. The NYTimes David Brooks writes about “a political pond skater — one of those little creatures that flit across the surface, sort of fascinating to watch, … Continue reading

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Urban Bee Keeper Revival

Bees are incredibly interesting social animals. A renewed interest in bees and beekeeping has led to the formation of bee keeping collectives that maintain apiaries in urban areas. One of the first was BurghBees in Pittsburg, PA. The collective has … Continue reading

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The Easter Cockroach

Easter is the “egg” holiday when the Easter Bunny brings colored eggs to all the good girls and boys. The bad boys and girls, who leave food on the table, in the sink and on the floor, get a visit … Continue reading

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Off The Page

The artistic nature illustrations of Maria Sibylla Merian have had a revived interest with a re-issue of her book, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium. Her wonderful illustrations have inspired taxidermist and artist Jeremy Johnson to render 3 dimensional sculptures of her illustrations. … Continue reading

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Preserving Insect Collections

The Arizona State University insect collection will more than double after a donation from private collectors Lois and Charlie O’Brien. The O’Briens have traveled the world collecting insects for decades and have amassed over 1 million specimens. Their collection specializes … Continue reading

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Living With Silk

This excellent video is a very good explanation of silk production:

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