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Living With Museum Gags

With a display featuring insect biodiversity, the effect of hundreds of pinned specimens of insects can be overwhelming. Dedicated fans spend hours delighting in the details of each specimen. Some people will pass on after a short glance. Museum curators … Continue reading

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Insect Issues/ Sunday Funnies

Pollinators are important to our ecosystem and agroecosystems. Inadequate pollination can lower crop yield. In our ecosystems, some plant and insect species have evolved to become dependent on each other. Neither can survive without the other. Our managed honey bees … Continue reading

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Sunday Bug Jokes

Why did the ant dance on the honey jar lid? It said “Twist to Open”. What game do ants refuse to play with elephants? Squash Where did the housefly actor prefer to perch? On the screen. How does bee hair … Continue reading

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Crickets at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Insects as food are not yet mainstream in American culture. Not ready for prime time as appetizers or deserts, eating crickets got honorable mention in a joke told by commediene Cecily Strong at the 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. When … Continue reading

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Insects In Comics

Calvin the Bug[/caption]There is a lot of Buzz about the brief return of Bill Watterson (creator of the comic, Calvin and Hobbes) to the comic pages last week. Calvin and Hobbes rarely featured insects but the most memorable was “Calvin … Continue reading

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More Insect Jokes

Vote Your Favorite! Q: How do bees brush their hair? A: With a honey comb! Q: Why wouldn’t they let the butterfly into the dance? 
A: It was a moth ball. Q: How are A’s like flowers? 
A: B’s come … Continue reading

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Communing With Insects

Jeff D’Alessio of the News-Gazette writes a Sunday feature column. His May 4, 2014 column includes humorous anecdotes from local clerics. Unsurprisingly, a couple involve insects. Insects do not practice religious discrimination. They make no distinction between the sacred and … Continue reading

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