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Lessons From Ants

Humans are social animals with social rules governed by a malleable culture. Obedience to norms and rules is optional. People who think they have the best rules spend their time trying to convince others to follow their rules. Animals, including … Continue reading

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Living With Myrmex

Mermex is the Greek word for ant. Greeks understood ants as being automatons loyal to their ruler. In some versions of Greek mythology, Zeus populates the deserted island of island of Aegina by transforming ants on a tree into people … Continue reading

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Bad Bumblebee Metaphors and Greece

Three years ago, I posted about “Bad Insect Metaphors”. The President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi made this much quoted simile: “The euro is like a bumblebee. This is a mystery of nature because it shouldn’t fly but … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Haiku

Haiku is a popular poetry form that characteristically juxtaposes two visual images. Nature is a common theme, including insects which are everywhere. Haiku in English most often takes the form of 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 pattern. There are many … Continue reading

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Living With Halteres

Flies belong to the order Diptera, which means “two wings”. Flies use the forewings for flight and the hindwings are modified to form sensory structures called halteres. The first written reference to halteres and their function may be by English … Continue reading

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Living With Dialects

Speakers of a language from different geographical areas sometimes use different words or different pronunciations to refer to the same object. These variations define a dialect. The Harvard Dialect Survey was developed by Bert Vaux and Scott Golder in 2003. … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Horror

Insect life history can be fascinating when told as a compelling story. Insect photos or videos can help convey a story, especially to readers unfamiliar with an insect. However, the scenes and photos needed to illustrate a story can be … Continue reading

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