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Carpet Beetles: Fans of Violins

Today, I was asked about bow bugs, insects that destroy the horsehair in a violin bow. The owner of the violin opens the case and finds many broken and missing hairs in the bow. My first thought was, if it … Continue reading

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Living With Cryptocercus garciai

Previously, I posted about the several species of Cryptocercus wood roaches and the species descriptions. One species described in the 1999 paper, Cryptocercus garciai, was named after Rock Muscian, Jerry Garcia, of the Greatful Dead. It has been noted that … Continue reading

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Music Competition Butterflies

Musicians competing in contests may get butterflies in their stomach. At the Carl Nielson 2014 International Flute Competition in Denmark, one contestant got a butterfly visit to her forehead. Yukie Ota showed her powers of concentration, continuing to perform & … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Music

Musician and author, David Rothenberg, like many musicians is in tune to the sounds of nature. His album, Bug Music, uses recordings of insect sounds to set the rhythm, then overlays them with more traditional musical instrumentation. Among the insect … Continue reading

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Sound and Size

During late summer in Indiana, the night is dominated by sounds of cicadas, crickets and katydids. Loud insect sounds are associated with large insects. Small insects are capable of only producing small sounds. H.C. Bennet-Clark* has calculated the potential sound … Continue reading

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Living With Waltzing Mosquitoes

As I noted in a previous post, Bug Zappers are heavily marketed to the public as a way to kill mosquitoes. Some of them have catchy names with catchy advertising. For example, the bug zapper in the ad below is … Continue reading

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Insulting With Insects: Music

Today, I continue the theme of “Insulting With Insects“. The insults work better on those who find insects disgusting than they do on entomologists who find insects to be fascinating and may not appreciate the sting of the sharp tongue. … Continue reading

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