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Pittsburgh. They’re Back!

Mayflies are sentinels of water quality. The immatures live in the water where they feed on algae or dead plant material (detritus). Many species are especially sensitive to pollution and will go locally extinct if their larval habitat is polluted … Continue reading

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Carrying a Tune

Many species of crickets have males that make sounds of only a single pitch. In sound, pitch is related to the frequency of the vibration. The simple story for male house crickets, Acheta domestica, is that larger males have a … Continue reading

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Music To Our Ears

Music can be defined as An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony… By this definition, insects make music. Some insects, including crickets and cicadas actively make … Continue reading

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Insects Winning Academy Awards?

With Oscars done and over with (well until next year) got me thinking about movies involving insects. The first insect movie that came to my mind was A Bug’s Life released in 1998. A Bug’s Life was produced by Pixar … Continue reading

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Message From the Past

We infer that crickets and katydids in the distant past communicated with sound based on the presence of sound receptor organs (ears) on fossils. The other evidence of sound communication by crickets and katydids comes from fossils that contain the … Continue reading

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Beetle Jokes

By popular demand, more insect jokes, Beetle Mania Edition. Q. Why did the entomologists choose the rice weevil over the acorn weevil? A. It was the lesser of two weevils Q. What did the forester say when he found the … Continue reading

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Bootylicious Horse Fly

New species of insects are described every day. Entomologists have difficulty keeping up with the new additions. The general public doesn’t usually pay attention. Recently Australian Entomologists Bryan D Lessard and David K Yeates splashed their discovery of 5 new … Continue reading

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