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Attack of the Katydids

In the 1850s, Mormon settlers new to Utah described a plague of insects that were destroying their crops. The insects were given the name, “Mormon Crickets” and it has stuck for over a century even though the insects are not … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Bites

Hospitals in Warrington, UK (near Manchester) report that dozens of people every day have been seeking treatment for insect bites at hospital emergency rooms. ┬áThe insect bites are not life threatening and will go away if given time for the … Continue reading

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Ants Attend Wimbledon

In the first week of July, the sports world spotlight is on the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. This year (2017) the annual swarms of flying ants coincided with the tennis tournament. The ants invaded the courts flying into the faces of … Continue reading

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Living With Yellow Jackets

Fishermen and boaters on the Flint River in Southern Georgia have a new worry: Yellow Jackets. This photo taken by fisherman Lee Harper shows a nest over 4 feet wide attached to a stump in mid stream. Mr Harper reported … Continue reading

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Living With Plague

In all of 2016, there were 4 cases of bubonic plague reported from New Mexico. In June 2017, 3 cases have been reported already that have required hospitalization. Public health officials are trying to determine the environmental factors related to … Continue reading

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Fly and Presidents

As long as presidents give speeches outdoors, there will be flies. In an age where every moment is recorded on camera, there will be videos of presidents and flies. Former US President Obama famously dispatched an annoying fly with quick … Continue reading

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Regulating Insect Collection

Insect collecting has been a popular hobby and a staple of K12 biology programs. Collecting and curation equipment such as nets and insect pins are relatively inexpensive and many collecting devices are home made. Insect collecting connects students with nature, … Continue reading

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