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Welcome Aethiocarenodea

100 Million years ago, in what is now the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, an insect was trapped in tree sap and died. It was preserved as a fossil in amber. This insect has many unusual features that exclude it from all of … Continue reading

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Plague Update

Bubonic plague has been present in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century but is confined to arid areas in states west of the Mississippi. After an uptick in plague cases (over a dozen) in California in … Continue reading

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Living With Apple Maggot

Apple maggots are pests of apples in the Eastern United States where active control measures are necessary.  Apple maggots overwinter as pupae, lay eggs on apples in summer and pupate in the soil in fall. The apple maggot can develop … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Museums

The American Museum of Natural History is planning an expansion that will include a new insectarium and 21000 square foot collections core. The addition will house a butterfly and insect vivarium and workshop space for activities. The multiyear project is … Continue reading

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Return of the Gypsy Moth

Like zombies that never die, gypsy moths are back on the Purdue campus. Gypsy moths were first reported in 2013 in an area known as Duhme Woods. In 2014, the State of Indiana conducted a gypsy moth eradication program. Eradication … Continue reading

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Living With Restricted Use Pesticides

The Amarillo Globe News has reported tragic deaths of 4 children after exposure to phosphine gas. Phosphine is a toxic gas that inhibits cellular respiration; it acts at the same enzyme target site as cyanide.  Pesticide formulations for phosphine release … Continue reading

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Insects As Fish Food

Many fish are predators and naturally consume insects as part of their diet. Thus, it may seem strange that the European Union in its oversight of food production does not currently allow the use of commercially reared insects in feed … Continue reading

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