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Zika Update

A group of scientist working on a vaccine for Zika reported a vaccine that successfully protected mice from contracting Zika. This is a big step toward producing a vaccine that is safe and effective for humans. Texas, which had 6 … Continue reading

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Fire Ant Block Aid

Wildfires in the Great Plains states have killed livestock and caused a shortage of forage in the affected areas. Farmers in southern OK wanted to help their neighbors to the north by shipping hay. Unfortunately, those areas have fire ants and … Continue reading

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Preserving Insect Collections

The Arizona State University insect collection will more than double after a donation from private collectors Lois and Charlie O’Brien. The O’Briens have traveled the world collecting insects for decades and have amassed over 1 million specimens. Their collection specializes … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Panic

An alert teacher at Luzerne County High School in Pennsylvania found a bed bug and reported it to the administration. The students were moved to another room so the room could be inspected. Rumors of bed bugs at the high … Continue reading

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Flies and Politicians

Presidents of the United States are photographed frequently, so it is not surprising that flies appear in the photographs from time to time. The picture at left is from 2016 of a fly landing on Donald Trump’s hair. This fly … Continue reading

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Welcome Aethiocarenodea

100 Million years ago, in what is now the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, an insect was trapped in tree sap and died. It was preserved as a fossil in amber. This insect has many unusual features that exclude it from all of … Continue reading

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Plague Update

Bubonic plague has been present in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century but is confined to arid areas in states west of the Mississippi. After an uptick in plague cases (over a dozen) in California in … Continue reading

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