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Living With Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants that stay green in the winter can be aesthetically pleasing additions to office spaces, coffee shops and foyers. Sitting next to a Florida palm tree can trigger memories of a tropical vacation. What could go wrong? Inspectors in … Continue reading

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Zika Update: June 2017

The good news on the Zika front is that transmission has been decreasing in the Caribbean including Puerto Rico. The unanswered question: Is lower transmission a seasonal effect due to mosquito phenology? Or is the reduction more permanent. CDC has … Continue reading

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Honeybees Demoted But Still Rate

Former first lady, Michelle Obama was famous for installing the first beehive on the grounds of the White House. With no champion, the beehives have left the White House grounds but have a new home and a new champion. Karen … Continue reading

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Living With Genetically Altered Pests

The ability to manipulate insect genes has led to new methods of insect control. Some genetic manipulations lead to insects that are sterile or fail to develop. The company Oxitec produces genetically altered insects that could potentially control pests. Initial … Continue reading

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Bugging The Clinton Center

Xtreme BUGS is an exhibit of 20 giant animatronic bugs that are staged in larger than life habitats including “a dewy rainforest floor, the expanse of sub-Saharan Africa, a gentle meadow, and a boggy burrow”. The exhibit allows viewers to experience … Continue reading

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The Snacks of Summer

There is a new version of “Take me out to the ballgame” in Seattle where the Mariners play. It goes, “With peanuts and popcorn and cricket snacks…” The change in the song reflects a change in cuisine. In 2017, the … Continue reading

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Politicians and Pond Skaters

Usually, when a pundit compares a politician to an insect, flattery is not intended. The NYTimes David Brooks writes about “a political pond skater — one of those little creatures that flit across the surface, sort of fascinating to watch, … Continue reading

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