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Insects As Feed In the EU

The European Union revised its regulations to allow insects as feed for aquaculture.  Insect protein producers are celebrating the new market but continue to push for further acceptance.  The next target is regulations on feed for poultry and pigs.  Wild … Continue reading

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Regulating Insect Contamination

The US Food and Drug Administration regulates contaminants in food including insects and insect parts. As discussed in a previous post some contamination of our food by insects is unavoidable. However, the amount of contamination can be limited by good … Continue reading

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Unintentional Insect Consumption

80% of the world population eats  insects intentionally; 100% eat insects unintentionally. Consuming insects is unavoidable because insects contaminate many food items.   Even under the careful eye of the home gardener, Drosophila flies will lay eggs on ripening tomatoes.  … Continue reading

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On the Right Road

A number of states are adopting mowing practices along the edges of roads (the right of way) that are designed to allow diverse vegetation as habitat for butterflies and other animals. These practices have been supported by lobbying from conservation … Continue reading

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Regulating Insect Collection

Insect collecting has been a popular hobby and a staple of K12 biology programs. Collecting and curation equipment such as nets and insect pins are relatively inexpensive and many collecting devices are home made. Insect collecting connects students with nature, … Continue reading

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Honeybees Demoted But Still Rate

Former first lady, Michelle Obama was famous for installing the first beehive on the grounds of the White House. With no champion, the beehives have left the White House grounds but have a new home and a new champion. Karen … Continue reading

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Living With Varroa Mite

Modern beekeeping developed in the absence of Varroa Mite, a parasite of honey bees that invaded North America in the late 20th century. Varroa mites are widespread and are an important factor in loss of bee colonies. The parasites feed … Continue reading

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