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The Snacks of Summer

There is a new version of “Take me out to the ballgame” in Seattle where the Mariners play. It goes, “With peanuts and popcorn and cricket snacks…” The change in the song reflects a change in cuisine. In 2017, the … Continue reading

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Praying With Mantids

Baseball players are a superstitious lot. A praying mantis appeared at a KC Royals game at the beginning of August, a night when the Royals rallied to win and began a turnaround. The mantid hung out in the dugout and … Continue reading

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Insects at the Rio Olympics

An olympic athlete dropped out of the competition in Rio and an insect is to blame. It is not mosquito vectored Zika virus, but a more mundane problem. Parzival, a Dutch horse ridden by Adelinde Cornelissen was scheduled to compete … Continue reading

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Living With Mosquito Repellents

Rio 2016, the Summer Olympics and Paralymics in Brazil has been plagued by fears of Zika virus. July is the off season for mosquitos in Brazil, so risk of transmission is expected to be reduced. Meanwhile in the US, we … Continue reading

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Living With Silver Y Moths

Sports fans want to know, “Why were there so many moths at Euro 2016?” Insect Biologists point to several factors. Many of the moths were Silver Y moths, Autographa gamma, named for the Y-shaped (or gamma-shaped) marking on the wing. … Continue reading

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Living With Soccer Moths

The Euro 2016 will be remembered as a stunning upset of France by Portugal.  Even more impressive was the display of moths that flocked in for a closer view.   Both sides were plagued with moths fluttering about their heads, … Continue reading

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Flying Ant Day

Ants spend most of the year rearing workers and expanding the number of colony members. In summer, some species begin producing reproductives, male and female ants that have wings. Their nuptial flights occur when environmental conditions are optimal, leading to large … Continue reading

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