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Flying Ant Day

Ants spend most of the year rearing workers and expanding the number of colony members. In summer, some species begin producing reproductives, male and female ants that have wings. Their nuptial flights occur when environmental conditions are optimal, leading to large … Continue reading

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Saved By The Beekeeper

The Kansas City Royals Pre-season baseball game in Arizona on Tuesday, March 1 had the added attraction of a swarm of bees. This was not a promotion to attract entomologists to the game, but a natural swarm of honey bees. … Continue reading

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Mantids at the Ballpark

Mantids have been plentiful this year with many reports of mantids on windows and landing on people’s heads. At left is a mantid on the hat of San Francisco Giant, Juan Perez. The mantid landed on his hat during a game … Continue reading

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That’s Not Cricket

It is summer in Australia and time for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. Open means that the tournament is open to all qualifiers. The tennis is played outdoors or in the “open” which means the court is open to the … Continue reading

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Chikungunya Virus Update

Many Caribbean nations are experiencing outbreaks of Chikungunya Virus. This is affecting the US with many more cases of Chikungunya Virus from tourists returning to the US. According to the CDC the average number of reports in 2006 – 2013 … Continue reading

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Insects at the World Cup

James Rodriguez of Columbia scored on a penalty kick and celebrated oblivious to the large grasshopper perched on his arm. The grasshopper joined the celebration by waving its antennae. On an interesting note, the Dirty Tackle misidentified the grasshopper as … Continue reading

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Insects Attend World Cup

Brazil is famous for its insect diversity. Some visitors to the world cup have received an warm welcome from the insect world. Nando Muslera, goalie for the Uraguay national team had difficulties keeping ants out of his training camp bed. … Continue reading

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