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Living With Caddisfly Pupae

The insect groups with the greatest number of species all have complete metamorphosis. This is as true with aquatic insects as terrestrial insects. The group with the largest number of aquatic species is the Diptera (Flies). Although dragonflies and mayflies … Continue reading

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Preserving Insect Collections

The Arizona State University insect collection will more than double after a donation from private collectors Lois and Charlie O’Brien. The O’Briens have traveled the world collecting insects for decades and have amassed over 1 million specimens. Their collection specializes … Continue reading

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Living With Little Heads

The heads of insects are orders of magnitude smaller than the heads of even the smallest mammal. Many functional organs and tissues must fit in a limited space. The cuticle covering the compounds eyes doubles as both lens to focus light and … Continue reading

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A Hairy Entanglement

The larvae of the ant Camponotus floridanus, have bodies that are covered with curly hairs. When larvae contact each other, their hairs interlock causing the larvae to clump. The hairs also allow the larvae to avoid drowning.  Camponotus larvae will float … Continue reading

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Welcome Aethiocarenodea

100 Million years ago, in what is now the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, an insect was trapped in tree sap and died. It was preserved as a fossil in amber. This insect has many unusual features that exclude it from all of … Continue reading

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Illustrating the Insect Brain

Ramon y Cahal is considered the “Father of Neuroscience”. He was passionate about the inner workings of the brain and sought to better understand the human condition by understanding the brain. Ramon y Cahal was a superb histologist and illustrator … Continue reading

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Living With Antennae

Millipedes, like insects have a single pair of antennae on the head. The antennae can be tucked away when the millipede is curled in a defensive position or extended to the front and sides to receive sensory information when the … Continue reading

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