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Living With Termite Mushrooms

The most familiar termites in Indiana are the subterranean termites that feed on our wooden structures. These termites contain symbiotic microorganisms in their guts that produce nutrients for the termites and help digest wood. Indiana has limited species of termites … Continue reading

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Living With Cockroaches

The Dictyoptera, the order containing the cockroaches, has species that exhibit varying degrees of social behavior from loosely organized social “herds” of some cockroaches to eusociality of termites complete with castes and division of labor. The domestic German Cockroach, Blattella … Continue reading

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Violence, Asthma and Cockroaches

Asthma is an inflammation of the lungs that has a high prevalence among urban children. Epidemiological studies have noted a correlation between community violence and asthma. Communities with more violent crime have larger numbers of asthma cases among children. What … Continue reading

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Madagascar Cockroaches Advance Medicine

Diseases of humans and other mammals are often studied in model organisms such as rats and mice. Rats and mice have been used because they grow and reproduce relatively rapidly for mammals and are less expensive to maintain than other … Continue reading

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Living With Cockroach Allergen Models

The most important medical problem associated with cockroach infestations is asthma. Exposure to cockroach allergens is the number one reason for asthma hospitalizations among urban children in the US. The medical community has identified potent cockroach allergens including the “Bla … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Ready for the Next Stage

Caterpillars grow and develop to their maximum size, then prepare to form a cocoon. Many changes are required. The pupa stage of most Lepidoptera is immobile, so the caterpillar must select a site for pupa formation. Many butterfly caterpillars make … Continue reading

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West Nile Update

This year is bringing record numbers of West Nile Virus cases and large numbers of human deaths. So far in 2012, 219 Deaths have been reported due to the virus. This is the second highest total since 2003 when West … Continue reading

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