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Living With Symbionts or Oragnelles

The cells of all multicellular plants and animals are eukaryotic cells. A feature of eukaryotic cells is the presence of mitochondria and other organelles. Organelles contain their own genes, but in diminished numbers compared to free living bacteria and prokaryotes. … Continue reading

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Living With Kermes vermilio

The scale insect, Kermes vermilio, is native to areas around the Mediterranean where it feeds on oak. The scale insect contains carminic acid, used in the ancient art of red dye production. Stores of dye dating to the neolithic era … Continue reading

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Polish Cochineal

Porphyrophora polonica is a scale insect known as Polish cochineal. At times, it has been commercially cultivated to produce a red dye based on its carminic acid content. It was primarily cultivated in the area of Eastern Europe that now … Continue reading

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update

A brown marmorated stink bug on my window reminded me that this insect has not developed large populations in Indiana (yet). Areas of the US that reported extensive crop damage last year have noted fewer of the stink bugs this … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Tickling The Toes

Caterpillars use their prolegs to grip a surface tightly. At rest, a tobacco hornworm caterpillar will keep all prolegs firmly attached to the surface. The caterpillar can be induced to move its prolegs by touching a proleg with a brush. … Continue reading

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Inside the Grasshopper Head

Micro-CT scans are changing the way we view insects.  They allow entomologists to probe  the inside of insects and map the cavities.  The insect tracheal system is a system of hollow tubes and air sacs amenable to exploration by CT … Continue reading

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What Entomologists Do?: Invasive Insects

Careers in Entomology rarely command public attention and are often not understood or misunderstood. In recent discussion with colleagues, we recognize the need to better explain what entomologists do. I am in the process of making lists of jobs entomologists … Continue reading

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