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Natural History

Stuffed animal displays contribute to public education about animals and nature. The public can go to a Natural History museum and view mammals in lifelike poses in a natural diorama. These displays are particularly useful for animals that have cryptic … Continue reading

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Insects In Fashion

Kensington Gardens in London, England contains a large variety of plants and trees and provides habitat for insects. The Kensington Gardens has galleries and other attractions that require private funding. Every summer, Kensington Gardens hosts a fundraiser for the Serpentine … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Character Sketch III

My third in a series (I, II) of posts about Alice In Wonderland caterpillars highlights the most recent rendition by self-taught German artist, Michael Kutsche. His art was used to create the caterpillar in the 2010, 3-D version of Alice … Continue reading

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Oregon Bee Kill Update

Oregon Public Broadcasting has information and pictures of the Oregon Bee Kill site. Last Friday, the Linden trees were draped with Black Netting to exclude bees from the insecticide-contaminated Linden flowers. We also learn from OPB of a group planning … Continue reading

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Neonicotioids V: Insecticides and Bad Behavior

The effects of insecticides on insects have been extensively studied. At high enough doses, insects will die. At lower doses, insects may survive, but present physiological and behavioral changes. Insecticides that target the nervous systems of insects can directly affect … Continue reading

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Neonicotinoids, A Brief History IV: Systemic Issues

The management of insect pests of agricultural crops through the use of pesticides has undergone a transformation. Many agricultural crops have been genetically engineered to deter, kill or otherwise tolerate the most damaging insect pests. Insect control is built on … Continue reading

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Yellow Jackets Are Thriving

Bees are having a difficult time. In contrast, Yellow Jackets are thriving in some areas. A pest control operator in central Florida recently reported a massive yellow jacket nest fully 6 feet high and 8 feet wide. The property owner … Continue reading

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