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Living With Lepidoptera

Early in the evolution of the Lepidoptera, the order split into two groups, one in which the adult mouthparts were modified to form a long proboscis for drinking nectar and other liquids. This adaptation contributed to the success of the … Continue reading

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Living With Window Screens

Dengue is a mosquito transmitted disease that causes great suffering among people in tropical areas where it is endemic. Research into a vaccine for dengue is ongoing, but one is still unavailable. Efforts to prevent dengue focus on controlling mosquito … Continue reading

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Living With Chikungunya

Chikungunya is on the move again. In 2013-14, Chikungunya became widespread in the Caribbean. In 2015, it is rapidly spreading among the Pacific Island nations. Chikungunya is now in 11 of 22 Pacific Island countries and territories. The CDC is … Continue reading

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Living With Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine is recommended for travelers to areas where Yellow Fever is epidemic. This year (2015) the Advisory Committee on Immune Practices¬†made new recommendations based on studies of the persistence of yellow fever vaccine. ¬† The vaccine produces long … Continue reading

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Living With Turmeric

Chemicals in spices are often noted for deleterious effects on insects. However, these natural chemicals rarely are deployed as commercial insecticides. The insecticidal chemicals in spices are often at low doses making extraction impractical. Many have complex structures that are … Continue reading

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Living With Mayflies

SABULA, IA has a healthy population of mayflies. A mayfly swarm shut down a bridge into Illinois. Motorists stopped on the bridge accumulated mayflies up to the headlights. The police called out the snow mayfly plows Mayflies are a bioindicator … Continue reading

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Living with Insect Smasher

Some people dislike the messy biological world of insects preferring instead the sanitized virtual world. People who dislike insects often dislike smashing them. Failure to smash a wasp can result in a wasp sting. Smashing some insects makes a gooey … Continue reading

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