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Fighting the Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula is a plant hopper (Fulgoridae) native to south and east Asia. It was first detected in southeastern Pennsylvania in 2014. Evidence from egg masses suggest it has been in the US since at least 2012. … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Ishikawatrechus intermedius

Ishikawatrechus intermedius is a blind cave beetle first found in the cave Ôchi-dô, Kôchi Prefecture, Japan. Cave species can become adapted to life in a cave and lose the ability to travel outside the cave. When this happens, mating with … Continue reading

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Living With Degree Days

Insects do not maintain a constant temperature.  Insect body temperature varies with ambient temperature.  Insect rate of growth and development is proportional to temperature. Below a minimum temperature, there is no development. Above the minimum temperature (Developmental Threshold), the growth rate … Continue reading

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Blow Fly Flashers

Insects have remarkable methods of finding mates in their environment. Insects are known to use odors, sounds and light. Researchers* have discovered that blow fly vision is important in mate recognition. Young female blowflies are heavier than males and their … Continue reading

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Off The Page

The artistic nature illustrations of Maria Sibylla Merian have had a revived interest with a re-issue of her book, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium. Her wonderful illustrations have inspired taxidermist and artist Jeremy Johnson to render 3 dimensional sculptures of her illustrations. … Continue reading

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Preserving Insect Collections

The Arizona State University insect collection will more than double after a donation from private collectors Lois and Charlie O’Brien. The O’Briens have traveled the world collecting insects for decades and have amassed over 1 million specimens. Their collection specializes … Continue reading

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Protecting Endangered Species

Species on the Endangered Species List are protected from harm by human activities intentional or unintentional. When companies operate in areas that contain endangered species, the companies must develop a plan that will minimize the harm or potential harm to … Continue reading

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